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Satchel Paige the famous Negro Leagues pitcher
Bobby Jones Golfing Great
Jackie Robinson First Black Players in the Major Leagues
Red Grange America's Football Hero
Jim Thorpe Greatest Player of the 20th Century
George Mikan Dominated 1940s Basketball
Bill Russell Basketball Superstar Center
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Tidye Pickett trains for the Olympic hurdles trials at Randall's Island, New York.
Tidye Pickett trains for the Olympic hurdles trials at Randall's Island, New York on July 8, 1936. (UPI/Bettmann)
Bessie Coleman was the first Afro American Female Pilot
In June 1921 Bessie Coleman became the first African American woman ever to earn a pilot's license. She was a stunt flyer and parachutist and died in an accident in 1926 at age 34.(The Bettmann Archive)
Patty Berg with the Ladies Professional Gold Association trophy.
Golfer Patty Berg with the Ladies Professional Golf Association trophy. She was also the Association's first president in 1948.(United Press International)
Eleanora Sears the Trail Blazer for Women in Sports.
Eleanora Sears blazed the trail for women in sports. She was gifted in many sports including squash. She won the National Women's Singles Champion in 1928 at age 44.
Babe Didrikson In Broad Jump
Babe Didrikson was the leading women's track and field star of her day. She is shown here in a broad jump, 1931. (United Press International)
Figure Skater Sonja Henie
At 22 Sonja Henie had won three Olympic titles, ten world championships and fourteen Norwegian and European titles. She skated in a series of Hollywood films in the 1930s and 1940s.
Ora Mae Washington posing with her tennis racket.
Besides playing tennis Ora Mae Washington was top scorer and captian of the Philadelphia tribune girls' basketball team. (International Tennis Hall of Fame and Tennis Museum at the Newport Casino, Newport, Rhode Island.)
Swimmer Gertrude Erdele
Gertrude Ederle emerges from the surf following her record breaking swim across the English Channel in 1926. She plastered herself with olive oil, lanolin, Vaseline and lard to keep warm. (Bettmann Archive, Inc.)
Babe Ruth
In 1926 Peggy O'Neill was a regular player with the Tammany Tigers of New York. It was an all male team except for Peggy. (The Bettmann Archive)

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